Watches World is expanding its product range to include pre-owned Hermès bags. The company is well-known in the luxury watch space and is excited to expand into the luxury bag market. 

“The luxury market is evolving, with a noticeable shift towards more sustainable choices without compromising prestige,” said the CEO of Watches World Rudy Esposito. “Our entry into the pre-owned Hermès bag market reflects this trend, offering our clients the perfect blend of luxury, exclusivity, and sustainability. We’re not just selling bags; we’re offering a sustainable luxury lifestyle that resonates with the values of our discerning clientele.”

Lately, there’s been a massive spike in the hunt for pre-owned luxury goods, particularly handbags. Predictions say this niche market could jump from $5.9 billion in 2022 to a hefty $10.77 billion by the end of 2023, growing at a clip of 6.2%. More cash in pockets and a stronger push for eco-conscious choices are fueling this trend.

Talking about this shift, Esposito highlights the influence of growing wealth and designer allure. “More disposable income and a stronger draw to designer tags, especially for big social events, are opening up great chances for us. We’re diving right into meeting our shoppers’ thirst for luxe and uniqueness with our pre-owned bag collection,” he pointed out. This move not only feeds into the luxury craving but also nods to a greener way of indulging in high fashion.

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Social media and fashion trends have also influenced Watches World’s decision to expand their brand. Luxury bags have been a staple for popular influencers and fashion-forward celebrities over the past few years, and the trend does not seem to be going anywhere. Demand for luxury bags has skyrocketed, pre-owned or not. With this increase in demand, it has become harder and harder to get a new luxury bag from a boutique. Waiting lists and rising prices put customers off from buying new luxury bags in-store or online. Purchasing a pre-owned luxury bag knocks down the price significantly and bypasses the frustrations of buying one new.

While Watches World is primarily known for carrying luxury jewelry items, their decision to start selling pre-owned Hermes bags aligns with their commitments to sustainability and quality. Hermes is known for creating bags with unmatched craftsmanship and exclusivity. Their bags are always produced with quality in mind, and owning one is the ultimate luxury because they are produced in small quantities. All of these features make pre-owned Hermes bags the perfect expansion for Watches World. Each pre-owned bag will go through an extensive vetting process before being released to the public for sale. Watches World understands that their customers are discerning and honors this by committing to a rigorous authentication process. In-house specialists evaluate every bag for quality and authenticity, ensuring that the bags meet Watches World’s high standards.

This exciting new branch of Watches World highlights the brand’s dedication to sustainability moving forward. For the younger generation concerned with eco-friendly initiatives, Watches World is the best place to purchase a luxury bag. As fashion trends away from fast fashion and more people embrace second-hand shopping, Watches World is ahead of the curve. Customers can embrace Watches World while supporting the planet and securing a luxury bag.