Veteran Hollywood producer and financier, Joseph Cohen, renowned for his work on films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “La La Land,” is venturing into new territory with the launch of MediaRealm Advisors Asia (MRAA) in Hong Kong. MRAA aims to guide Asia-based investors through the nuances of investing in mainstream Hollywood projects, tapping into the lucrative cross-border entertainment investment opportunities.

Joining Cohen in this ambitious endeavor is Adam Guy Orlebar Garrett, a seasoned investment officer based in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Orlebar, who currently oversees several media funds at New Asia Ferrell Asset Management, brings a wealth of experience and a promising Hollywood-Asia film slate to MRAA. This move comes as AEI, founded in 1996 by Cohen in Los Angeles, evolves, signaling a strategic division of its production and financing branches into two distinct entities set to be unveiled later this year.

The strategic launch of MediaRealm Advisors Asia represents a pivotal moment in the global entertainment landscape, bridging the gap between Asian capital and Hollywood’s creative prowess. This venture is poised to capitalize on the growing appetite for international film projects among Asian investors, offering a curated portfolio of opportunities that align with the region’s cultural preferences and investment objectives. By marrying Cohen’s expertise in Hollywood production and financing with Orlebar’s deep connections within the Asian investment community, MRAA is uniquely positioned to facilitate significant cross-continental collaborations. This initiative not only promises to diversify the range of investments available to Asian markets but also introduces Hollywood’s storytelling to new audiences, potentially unlocking unprecedented growth and innovation in the film industry.

Cohen expressed confidence in the profitability of movie investments when approached with selectivity and meticulous underwriting standards. “Over nearly three decades at AEI, we’ve honed a set of criteria ensuring that our investors’ capital is judiciously deployed for minimized risk and maximized returns,” he stated. Cohen also highlighted the burgeoning opportunities in China and India, citing these regions’ keen interest in partnering on international projects and local remakes of Hollywood hits.

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Orlebar’s involvement in MRAA not only leverages AEI’s deep industry expertise but also introduces AEI’s Hollywood projects to a broader investor base across Asia. Among the films Orlebar brings to the table are “Sentinels,” a high-octane adaptation of Patrick J. Jones’ sci-fi novel; “Shi,” a martial arts epic based on Billy Tucci’s comic series; and “Tomoe Gozen,” a historical trilogy set during Japan’s Genpei War period. These projects underscore MRAA’s commitment to fostering cultural exchange and collaboration between Hollywood and Asian markets, promising a new era of cinematic ventures that blend the best of both worlds.