Abu Dhabi is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most prominent rising cities, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Initially drawing visitors for its opulent lifestyle, pristine beaches, and high-end shopping, the city now offers a new allure: a burgeoning wellness scene. Abu Dhabi’s Projects and Infrastructure department has a staggering $180 billion budget at its disposal and plans to launch 144 new projects city-wide, enhancing the city’s appeal as a top-tier destination for both luxury and health-focused travel.

Among the most anticipated new developments is Tristan Du Plessis’s Mondrian Abu Dhabi, marking the brand’s debut in the United Arab Emirates. Nestled along the serene Abu Dhabi canal, this 221-room hotel is set to offer more than just a place to stay. With 80 serviced apartments, six dining venues, and a tranquil lagoon offering ocean views, the Mondrian promises an opulent escape right in the heart of the city, setting a new standard for luxury accommodations in the region.

Nobu Hotel Abu Dhabi, which will open in 2027, will be located on Saadiyat Island. It will have three restaurants, including its well-known namesake restaurant and a rooftop Nobu Villa. The entrance of Nammos Beach Club, which has been a hit in Mykonos and Greece, has added a touch of sophistication to Abu Dhabi’s waterfront.

With plans to build a private island resort on Al Nawras Island, scheduled to open in 2025, Hilton’s LXR Hotels & Resorts is also generating a lot of buzz. Abu Dhabi’s luxury hotel scene will reach new heights with an exclusive getaway that will have beach and water villas, a two-bedroom Royal Villa overlooking a cutting-edge golf course, and more.

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Abu Dhabi is a bustling center of culture in addition to offering luxurious lodging. A major turning point was reached in 2017 with the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which laid the groundwork for the city’s cultural rebirth. The inauguration of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum in 2025 will serve to bolster Abu Dhabi’s standing as a worldwide hub for artistic and creative expression.

The opening of Kintsugi Space, a cutting-edge women-only health spa clinic, has added yet another element to Abu Dhabi’s attraction. Situated on Al Reem Island, Kintsugi provides visitors with a revolutionary health experience based on quantum healing concepts by fusing ancient holistic therapies with state-of-the-art research.

Under the direction of Patrizia Bortolin, the spa doyenne, Kintsugi offers a highly customized wellness program that includes diagnostic sessions to gauge inner vibrations and energy frequencies. To suit their individual needs, guests can select from a variety of therapies, such as Chinese abdominal massage, candle meditation, and oxygen therapy.

The well-thought-out facility has seven floors with various healing experiences, such as sound baths, infrared saunas, and hyperbaric chambers, in addition to meditation areas. Kintsugi embraces Abu Dhabi’s dynamic and forward-thinking culture by emphasizing overall well-being.

Abu Dhabi is becoming an increasingly popular destination for affluent tourists who value luxury, culture, and wellness equally as it develops and diversifies. Abu Dhabi is ‘having a moment,’ and the world is noticing, thanks to its amazing array of offers, which include everything from world-class hotels to cutting-edge health experiences.