Authorities in Paris have been preparing the city for years ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics, expected to bring in nearly two million international visitors. However, they may have overlooked a phenomenon proving to be much bigger than the Olympics, known as Taylor Swift.

The billionaire superstar is set to perform at four separate concerts this week, including one show just outside the capital at La Défense Arena to kick off the European leg of her “Eras Tour.” The music event is a relatively minuscule fraction of the size of the Summer Olympic Games, as the seating capacity at the venue is 40,000 per show. Still, Taylor Swift’s concerts draw five times as many Americans.

New York-based luxury travel agency Embark Beyond has provided figures regarding the volume of travelers and attendees of both events. It should be noted that trips to both events are typically booked several months in advance.

Embark cofounder Jack Ezon expressed his surprise, saying, “I never would have anticipated it.” He continued, “Look at what Taylor did to the Super Bowl. She’s even overshadowing the Olympics.” This unexpected turn of events is certainly intriguing, isn’t it?

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The statement about what Taylor Swift did to the Super Bowl is a comment remarking on the pop star’s ability to broaden football viewership. Last year, Swift notably caused a surge in NFL viewership by attending several games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Swifts’ game attendance was considered one factor that made this year’s Super Bowl the most watched broadcast in American television history, according to former Global Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Bob Backish.

“Swift fever” is not contained in North America, as it is now reaching Europe, where many cities, including Paris, maintain strict restrictions on ticket resales. The prevention of resales keeps prices from soaring into the five-digit sums many consumers pay in US markets.

According to Ezon, the average length of the more than 200 Paris trips his company has planned for Swifties over the years is three nights. He says his clients typically stay at luxury hotels such as the Hôtel de Crillon, the Plaza Athénée, and Le Bristol. Most often, at least one-third of the groups attending Swift concerts are mother-daughter pairs looking to shop around the venues and hotels. Approximately 20% of clients plan grander European trips before and after the concerts. Several clients have added destinations, including the South of France and London.

The contrast is stark: the high number of Swifties flocking to the European leg of the Eras Tour is coinciding with lower-than-anticipated demand for the Paris Olympics. This stark contrast highlights the magnitude of the “Taylor Effect. “

There is still time before the July 26th opening ceremony, and Olympic bookings could still pick up, mainly due to the recent price drops. Ezon has noted that bookings and inquiries have risen 8% since a 14% decline in April.

As for the Swift hype, a “Taylor Effect” coming to Paris is unsurprising. Thus far, Swift’s tour has boosted several economies, including Singapore’s and Australia’s, and in 2023, the first round of her US shows donated at least $4.3 billion to the country’s GDP.