Maserati has been showing its deep dedication to electrification with its rapidly expanding Folgore lineup, and the company looks to be standing at the forefront of electrification in the luxury performance and automotive world. This has been made evident by the recent announcement of the MC20 Folgore supercar and the GranCabrio Folgore open-top grand tourer. Nevertheless, the historic luxury manufacturer is now showing that Maserati’s pursuit of electrification is not limited to the automotive world after announcing the manifestation of the Tridente, a Maserati-branded electric luxury powerboat.

To realize their vision, Maserati teamed up with Vita Power, a marine technology manufacturer steadily dedicated to transforming the boating world through fully electric powertrains. The new Maserati Tridente electric boat takes Maserati’s iconic Italian design and unmistakable approach to top-tier luxury and merges it with the marine innovation of Vita Power.

Boasting two motors paired with a 253-kWh battery pack, capable of providing 600 maximum horsepower and an approximate range of up to 70 nautical miles, the Vita Maserati Tridente is an all-electric power boat with the speed and power to complement the marvelous luxury of its awe-inspiring interior.

The luxurious vessel is specifically intended to serve as a dayboat or, possibly, a tender for a larger yacht. However, according to Maserati, the Tridente is capable of reaching speeds of 40 knots and retains the ability to cruise for up to approximately 43 miles at a speed of 25 knots. Furthermore, the Trident is impressive, not only capable of navigating long distances but also capable of doing so with none of the emissions of a gas-powered motor.

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Among the luxurious accommodations aboard the Maserati Tridente electric luxury power boat are seating for up to eight individuals, which can be configured to provide an acceleration arrangement or dining experience, a bathing area with a shower, a sun deck, and an enclosed cabin with a day berth and WC.

The new Maserati electric boat contains two independent motors capable of charging simultaneously on a DC fast charger. Remarkably, the charges add up to 88 kW in as little as one hour, showcasing that the boat is clearly built for lake or coastal day cruising.

While the focus of Maserati’s luxury speedboat has rightfully been placed on its electric powertrain, the vessel’s innovation goes much deeper. The powerboat features carbon fiber construction by Hodgdon Yachts, including a genuinely unique hull shape that is exclusively crafted to represent the Maserati name.

According to a release, Vita Power has officially made its new Maserati Tridente available, with prices starting at €2.5 million, which converts to a little under $2.7 million. With the exceptional marine technology of Vita Power and the lavish, iconic history of Maserati, the new Vita Power Maserati Tridente represents the ambitious vision of electrification to provide the most luxurious, futuristic way to set sail across the water or relax along the coastline.